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Provision of swimming pool for lessons

In partnership with Plymouth Leander, Plymouth College is providing facilities to allow Year 5 pupils from Hyde Park Junior School to have swimming lessons. Around 90 pupils will receive weekly swimming lessons in Plymouth College's swimming pool, taught by Plymouth Leander staff. The sessions will take place 3 times a week. 


This is a three-way partnership between Plymouth College, Plymouth Leander Swimming Club and Hyde Park Junior School with the aim of providing swimming lessons for Hyde Park pupils. The need has arisen given the distance pupils were walking to get to the local pool. 


This is a new initiative starting in September 2018. The junior school were walking a considerable distance to the local leisure centre, taking up time and staffing requirements. 


Resources - Plymouth College sports hall staff, Plymouth Leader swimming coaches, Hyde Park Junior staff for supervision. It will involve the use of the swimming pool and changing rooms. 3 hour-long sessions will take place once a week. The pool is being used at a significantly discounted rate. 


The success of this project will be assesed after the first 5 weeks. The anticipated outcome is that this is a regular, continuous arrnagement. 

Pupil Involvement

This involves around 90 Year 5 pupils per week from Hyde Park, both boys and girls. 


 3 hour-long sessions will take place once a week starting in September 2018 on an initial 5 week trial. This wil carry on if deemed to be successful.