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Mrs Jo Hayward (Head)

Boys - age range:

Day: 3 to 18

Boarding: 10 to 18

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Day: 3 to 18

Boarding: 10 to 18


640 pupils

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  • Plymouth College
  • Plymkids Theatre Group, Plymouth
  • Pympton Cricket Club (Junior Section)
  • Plymstock Cricket Club (Junior Section)
  • Performing arts and music
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Year 5 Sports Event


  • Plymouth College
  • Compton CofE Primary School, Plymouth
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Sports Partnership


  • Plymouth College
  • University of St Mark and St John
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Impact Statement

1. CCF Partnership – Plymouth College / Stoke Damarel Shared CCF Unit
The Partnership agreement is a formal relationship supported by the MoD in order to allow greater access to cadet activities in schools. It precedes, but has been subsumed into the current Government's Cadet Expansion programme. In the South West, we are one of 3 schools with an active partnership arrangement. The CCF is run by 2 x part time contracted staff and 5 x teaching staff who support this activity as part of their enrichment responsibilities. The CCF is supported by an external CCF member of staff who is funded by the cadets and a single volunteer from SDCC. Funding is provided by the MoD for all core activities which include both military and adventurous training. Plymouth College funds additional resources such as office and storage facilities, classrooms and the minibus to collect SDCC pupils. The range and other minibuses are funded by the MoD. There are approximately 75 cadets aged 14-18 in the unit each year. Whilst it is difficult to assess the impact, the contingent is assured by the MoD Cadet Training process and all training is conducted under the Safe System of Training (SST). The SST supports the set syllabus provided for CCF training and the Measurement of Success (MoS) is assessed formally during the Biennial Inspection. In addition, attendance on overseas expeditions and adventurous training is viewed positively. Attendance at Annual Camps is strongly encouraged by the cadet training organisation and this has been used in the past as measurement of success by the RAF.

2. The School’s Year 10 pupils who are working towards their Sports Leaders qualification organise a sporting event for local primary schools at the end of the June every year. This usually includes up to 7 local schools who bring between 10 and 30 pupils each. Sports include netball, cricket and tag rugby. Whilst impact is hard to assess, all visiting pupils experienced a different type of team sport in appropriate facilities and our own pupils gained vital experience in managing younger pupils.

3. Hyde Park Junior School use the school’s playing fields for their annual Sports Day. Without this, over 350 pupils would not be able to have a full Sports Day due to the lack of facilities at the school.

4. Plymouth College and Plymouth Leander Swimming Club have been in partnership since 2001, working together to develop arguably the country's leading swimming programmes. The aim of the partnership is for the two partners to work together to provide young swimmers with both an outstanding swimming programme alongside an excellent academic education. Through Plymouth College's scholarship and bursary provision, the school has been able to attract talented swimmers from all over the UK and overseas. Plymouth College provides financial support for these families; their Director of Swimming and Deputy Director of Swimming (wages paid by the school) are the club's Head Coach and Deputy Head Coach. The school also provides the club with all of the strength and conditioning staffing and contributes to wages of another coach. In addition, the school pool is provided to the club at a significantly discounted rate. Through the partnership, the club has not only managed to produce World and Olympic Champions and become the most successful club in the country, but also provides these pupils with an excellent academic education and supportive pastoral environment at the same time. Around 65 pupils from Plymouth College are involved in the partnership. Including these pupils, there are approximately 280 swimmers in the club from the age of 6 upwards from the Plymouth area.

5. Hyde Park Junior School using the school field to run 1 mile per week as they prepare for the Primary School Challenge, part of the Plymouth Half Marathon event, later in the year. 76 pupils will be using our facilities to get themselves ready for the event by running around the pitches at the Senior School.

  • Academic scholarships
  • All Rounder awards
  • Art scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • H M Forces discounts
  • Sibling discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils
  • Lump sum payment discounts

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