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Plymouth College and Plymouth Leander swimming programme.

Plymouth College and Plymouth Leander have been in partnership since 2001, working together to develop arguably the country's leading swimming programmes. 


The aim of the partnership is for the two partners to work together to provide young swimmers with both an outstanding swimming programme alongside an excellent academic education. 


Through Plymouth College's scholarship and bursary provision, the school has been able to attract talented swimmers from all over the UK and overseas. Plymouth College provides financial support for these families; their Director of Swimming and Deputy Director of Swimming (wages paid by the school) are the club's Head Coach and Deputy Head Coach. The school also provides the club with all of the strength and conditioning staffing and contributes to wages of another coach. In addition, the school pool is provided to the club at a significantly discounted rate. 


This is an incredibly successful partnership, the assess of which is on-going and frequent. Through the partnership, the club has not only managaed to produce World and Olympic Champions and become the most successful club in the country, but also provides these pupils with an excellent academic education and supportive pastoral environment at the same time. 

Pupil Involvement

Around 65 pupils from Plymouth College are involved in the partnership. Including these pupils, there are approximately 280 swimmers in the club from the age of 6 upwards from the Plymouth area. 


This is an on-going project and has been going since 2001.