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Plymouth College/Stoke Damarel Shared CCF Unit

The Partnership agreement is a formal relationship supported by the MoD in order to allow greater access to cadet acitivities in schools. It precedes, but has been subsumed into the current Government's Cadet Expansion programme. In the South West, we are one of 3 schools with an active partnership arrangement.


The aim of the CCF is to provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, slef-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.


Plymouth College CCF was formed by the Devon Artillery Bde Order No. 333 in March 1871 and has been run continuously since that time.


The CCF is run by 2 x part time contracted staf and 5 x teaching staff who support this activity as part of their enrichment responsibilities. The CCF is supported by an external CCF member of staff who is funded by the cadets and a single volunteer from SDCC. Funding is provided by the MoD for all core activities which include both military and adventurous training. Plymouth College funds additional resources such as office and storage facilities, classrooms and the minibus to collect SDCC pupils. The range and other minibuses are funded by the MoD.


The contingent is assured by the MoD Cadet Training process and all training is conducted under the Safe System of Training (SST). The SST supports the set syllabus provided for CCF training and the Measurement of Success (MoS) is assessed formally during the Biennial Inspection. In addition, attendance on overseas expeditions and adventurous training is viewed positively. Attendance at Annual Camps is strongly encouraged by the cadet training organisation and this has been used in the past as an MoS by the RAF.

Pupil Involvement

There are presently 11 x female cadets and 64 x male cadets aged 14-18.


CCF takes place weekly. There are also 5-8 training weekends per year for all sections, as well as an annual week long camp for the Army and RAF sections with the Navy personnel undertaking individual leadership and adventerous training courses.