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U9 Inter Schools Netball Tournament

2017: Inaugural U9 High 5 Netball tournament involving 3 local schools visiting St. Andrew's to compete for the Inter-Schools Cup.

2018: Second tournament with 5 other schools attending.


To share our facilities with local schools in our area and to give the opportunity for the schools to compete against each other in a High5 format. Originally we invited 5 schools but 2 had to withdraw shortly before the date. The immediate beneficiaries are all the children in the schools, including our own.


We had already set up a football tournament for local schools but wanted to introduce a new tournament. St. Andrew's identified the opportunity having spoken to the Sports staff at the local schools and gauged interest.


Staffing resources from St. Andrew's plus the St. Andrew's facilities. We use our teaching staff plus the Marketing Manager. The tournament last for approx 2.5 hours. St. Andrew's also supply a cup, medals and certificates and provide a tea for both the children and parents after the tournament.


An email is sent out to all schools after the tournament giving thanks and asking for feedback for improvements for the next year. This is carried out after each tournament.

We are hoping that by hosting these tournaments, the children from all schools will benefit by using our facilities and that the tournaments may give rise to further opportunities to work together with our local schools. 

2018 feedback from other schools: 

St. Hugh of Lincoln: ‘Our team had a lot of fun and it was a great experience for some of them who had never even played in an inter-school match or tournament and have only just started netball altogether this September!’ 

Horsell Junior: Thank you for organising such a brilliant event!

Sythwood Primary: ‘Our kids loved it (even though they lost) and were super impressed with St.Andrews Netball!’

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are involved from Year 4 at our school. All our pupils were girls in this instance. From the other schools the Year 3 and 4 children were mostly girls. In 2018, 35 children from other schools attended.


In 2017 this was a single event but in 2018 we hosted 5 other schools.