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Music Festival at St. Andrew's

This was a music festival hosted at St. Andrew's School for two independent schools and Pyrford Primary school. In 2018 Beaufort Primary and St Hugh of Lincoln also attended.


To promote music through a music festival hosted at St. Andrew's. To bring children together from a wide range of schools to learn how to create a choral performance.


The Director of Music contacted some local schools to establish interest and put on the festival.


We used our music facilities and the time of our Director of Music to co-ordinate and host the event. Our office team helped to organis the venue, timings and programme for the day. We provided squash and biscuits.


All schools wrote to say how much they had enjoyed the festival.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from St. Andrew's choir represented the school and there were pupils from three other schools participating in 2017. In 2018 there were five other schools including Pyrford, Beaufort and St Hugh of Lincoln plus 2 other independent schools.


In 2017 this was a single event but we hosted the slightly larger event in 2018.