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Halstead Toddlers

A holiday time toddler session for boys and girls, from the ages of 0 to 3 to attend. The session is open to the public. 

The school runs these sessions throughout the school holidays when term time toddler classes have stopped, in order to give families the opportunity to enjoy messy play, story time and art and craft activities without the mess at home.

Halstead Toddlers is a non-profit making group that uses the school's equipement, resources and facilities.


To enable all families to visit Halstead and use the facilities and resources avaialable at one of the organised Toddler sessions.

The identified need, is the lack of holiday clubs/activities for young families to attend once a school holiday starts. The sessions benfit the whole community as they are open door activities, widely advertised and allow all families a chance to play.


The Toddler sessions have been running for over 6 years. The school identified the need for a holiday toddler club and the school had available facilities to offer.


The school halls, kitchen and restrooms are used. The event is organised by the School's Teaching Assistants and runs for 2.5 hours, twice weekly during the school holidays.

Parents pay a small donation to contribute towards overheads for snacks.


The registrar tracks numbers of families attending and the TAs running the sessions review the activties provided.

Pupil Involvement

Boys and Girls from new born to 3 year olds are welcome to come, play and learn with their parent/carer..


The sessions are run every school holiday, twice weekly. The aim is to continue the sessions in each holiday period.