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The Ollie Feast Trust Summer Camp

Ollie Feast was a pupil at The Leys who, sadly, died in 2015, aged just 20 years old. His father, Steve Feast, has set up a trust in his name.


The objective of The Ollie Feast Trust is to help young people to develop their skills and capabilities by offering travel grants and providing recreational opportunities, taking them out of their comfort zones, broadening their horizons and teaching life skills.


Since 2015, when Ollie Feast died, his father has tirelessly worked to promote the charity, raising funds to help children who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to undertake the activities on offer.


The Leys School provides the space and resources to run the annual 4 day Ollie Feast Summer Camp. This is provided free of charge to all participants.

Pupil Involvement

40 young people, nominated by their own schools, benefit from the camp guided and supported by staff from The Leys as well as teachers and coaches from their own schools. This year these included Parkside Academy, Chesterton Community College, North Cambridge Academy and Bassingbourn Village College.


The camp has taken place each year since 2016 and will continue to take place on an annual basis each July.