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Medical Ethics Workshop

The workshop is run by Dr. Julian Sheather, lead ethics specialist at the BMA. He begins by setting the ethical frameworks facing doctors. Groups of 6 - 8 pupils from invited schools and sixth form colleges in and around Cambridge discuss a range of ethical issue case studies and report their findings in plenary.  Medical students and junior doctors act as facilitators and there is a networking session in the middle of the programme to enable pupils to ask questions.


The aim is to introduce the complex ethical issues facing doctors and to prepare aspiring medical students for medical school interviews.


The longer-running Surgical Skills Workshop includes a Q&A session and it became clear after the 2nd year that many pupils felt under-prepared for interviews in the area of ethics.  We contacted the BMA and asked if this was something they would be prepared to run for The Leys; the event is now in its 3rd year.


Free hire of The Great Hall, technician services, AV facilities and refreshments.


Participants are surveyed eletronically after the event and feedback is always positive.  Medical students from Cambridge University report that it is very helpful for them, even at their stage of trainng, and that they wish they'd had access to this type of assistance when they were preparing for medical interviews.

Pupil Involvement

50 - 60 pupils attend each year from Y11 upwards.


This is an annual event which takes place April  - May.