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The National Citizen Service

NCS is part of David Cameron's Big Society aimed at getting 15-17 year olds involved in their local communities. It involves students going away on a week's outward bound course before returning to Hymers for a week's training. The students then chose a local community project on which they must each spend 30 hours.

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The aim is to get students from all backgrounds to contribute to their local communities. 


Hymers had run a project called The Leadership for Life Award which took Hymers students and students from local state schools away for a week before they worked on a local community project. The Football League Trust approached us to run NCS and we are honoured to be the only independent school in the country to be an NCS Training Provider.


We employ a full time member of staff to manage the scheme. Our numbers have increased each project, starting with 20 in October 2014, to 51 in the summer of 2015. This October we have another 31 students doing the project. Our target for the summer is 120. The students come from Hymers, Tweendykes, Winifred Holtby, Wyke College and Andrew Marvel schools.


We assess the number of students who complete the whole programme. Our numbers are very impressive as 99.5% of students have completed their 30 hour voluntary work. The FLT also assess the programme and has marked our scheme as 'excellent'.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils are 15-17 and come from a wide variety of backgrounds within the city.


The project will run for three years before we have to reapply to the NCS to continue it.