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Mr Justin Stanley (Headmaster)

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931 pupils

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Classics in the Park


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  • Classics in the Park
  • Performing arts and music
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Back to Ours


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  • Back to Ours - 2017 City of Culture
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Emmaus Hull


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  • Emmaus Hull
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King's Camps


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Kings Mentoring


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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 150 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 420 staff hours given

*Please note, data shown here is from the 2020 Census for partnerships in 2019, rather than from the 2021 Census. This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on full year collection for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to put some partnership projects on hold until restrictions are eased.

Impact Statement

The school continues to interact with record numbers of the local community, partly as a result of the City of Culture legacy, being the training provider for the National Citizen Scheme, celebrating our 125th anniversary by encouraging our students to give back to the community and also a continued desire to open up its facilities. Total money raised for local charities is over £10,000.
Total numbers of hours volunteered by students and staff stands around 8,700 with over 9,000 people in the community benefitting in some way.
As far as state schools are concerned we have 70 students going into 4 Primary Schools each week helping with their English and maths. In addition we visit 3 state primary schools and run a PE/Games Programme. We believe we have helped over 300 pupils over the course of last year in this way.
The impacts cannot be scored in terms of MTQ48 or SCI-2. However, I can share the following benefits to social cohesion that would not have taken place without the efforts of Hymers College pupils and staff:
- Improved communication skills and confidence. This is particularly evident within the programme of Sixth Formers helping in local state primary schools. The Sixth Formers and the pupils they help develop their verbal and written communication to an age group that they would not normally communicate with in an academic way.
- Physical benefits to the local community resulting from 'Community Days'. For example, in the Sixth Form Community Day: facilities in local parks were painted; litter sculpture was created; planters will built, filled and installed in streets; residents of care homes were musically entertained; work with the Emmaus charity was completed; documentation for council brochures was translated, etc.
- The offering of facilities to the wider community has created opportunities to bring huge numbers of people together for a common purpose. The most significant of these are: the 'Humber Games', with hundreds of participants, helpers and supporters and the 'Classics in the Park' concert, again with a 4-figure attendance.
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