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Charities of the Year

Every year students select two local charities to raise funds for, during the course of the year. Students typically raise about £1500 per year for each charity. They also have opportunities to volunteer with the charities and the charities come to speak with the students during a school assembly, about what how the charity supports the community.


There are many excellent local charities in Hull. As a school we value our role in the community and want to give our students a sense of being part of the community and the joy of being able to serve and contribute positively to the lives of others who are less fortunate or who are in great need.


Hymers has always been involved in supporting local charities. It was decided to launch the Charities of the Year program in order to specifically support two worthy local charities in a more significant and tangible way.


Interest, time and support from the Hymers College teachers, pupils and parents. There are several fund raising events including bake sales, music concerts, non-uniform days, and opportunities for our students to meet and people in the charities and volunteer. Typically we raise about £1500 pounds per year for each charity.

Pupil Involvement

All students from Yr 7 to Yr 13 are involved in putting forward the names of charities, selecting and fund raising for the charities.