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Supercurricular lecture programme

A series of eight lectures held at Emanuel School throughout the year delivered by a range of speakers. Our partner secondary schools are invited to attend. Speakers and topics included: Professor Peter Beresford on  "Do we have a social conscience in Britain today?", author Lionel Knight on 'Changing interpretations of Indian independence', Nicky Dean, chief editor of Nature Energy magazine discussing his experiences of researching physics. Each talk has an audience of 50-75 persons.


To deliver talks on topics that will enrich the curriculum of the pupils as well as challenge the most able. Key is to make links with individuals and organisations to provide the depth of quality that makes the talks so positive.


These talks have been running for more than 5 years


The talks are held at school either in the Library, theatre or the Hall. There is no cost to those who attend.


The fact that the talks are always attended by pupils from both schools suggest that they provide a positive and enriching aspect to the pupils' studies.

Pupil Involvement

Age range of pupil attendees tend to be 14-18

Up to 15 pupils from partner school will attend


The programme is ongoing