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Y6 Enrichment

A school partnership with Christ Church CE School was established in 2013. The programme involved Y6 pupils from both Emanuel and Christ Church taking part in a series of specialist led workshops throughout the year. 

The emphasis of the programme is for the pupils to both have fun and to learn some new skills in a very relaxed setting. Workshops are run at Emanuel predominantly, with one each year at Christ Church School, and a day trip out at the end of the year.


The aim of the project is to offer pupils from our partnership school access to specialist staff and visiting professionals, and to gain skills and experiences.  The aim is also for pupils from both schools to mix with children from their local area who are from a different socio-economic backgrounds.

The need for such a programme was identified in 2013, when a partnership between the two schools was created.  Both schools benefit from such a relationship.

The critical factors for success are ensuring that the workshops are inclusive and the presenters experienced in dealing with a mixed group of children.

The immediate beneficiaries are those pupils who attend the workshops, both Y6 classes from Emanuel and the Y6 class from Christ Church and their staff.


A wide range of Emanuel facilities are used for various workshops. For example, the theatre, science labs.

Many of the workshops use Emanuel teaching staff.  External speakers and professionals are also organised and brought in to the school.

The six enrichment days each run from 9.30am – 3pm. (5.5hrs).

All costs are covered by Emanuel School and are paid from the Partnership Fund.


There is no formal assessment of the benefits.  Qualitative data is gathered through informal observations during each day, and communication with all staff involved as well as feedback from presenters.  Teachers from Christ Church CE School comment that their pupils thoroughly enjoy the workshops, and really look forward to each day.

The anticipated outcomes are that pupils feel confident to mix other children from different backgrounds to their own.

Pupil Involvement

All 40 Y6 pupils take part with a corresponding number from Christ Church.


Two Enrichment days take place each term.  The two days in the summer term take place during the Arts and Science week activities. This is an ongoing partnership.