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Sixth Form Classroom Support

Sixth form pupils from Emanuel volunteer in local maintained primary schools every week for an afternoon. 


The aims of the project are to build a relationship with our local schools, and enable Emanuel pupils to opportunity to gain some work experience.

The critical factors for success, are ensuring Emanuel pupils have a clear understanding of the role and what is expected of them. They must be enthusiastic and able to relate to younger pupils, from a wide range of backgrounds.

This benefits the primary school as they have additional support to offer their pupils, it benefits Emanuel pupil by gaining work experience.


Emanuel pupils have been volunteering at partnership schools for multiple years. A staff member noticed what a positive impact the Emanuel students were having on younger pupils at our first partner school, then sought other schools to build up a link with.

The Swaffield Primary and Shaftesbury Park Primary partnerships have been in place since September 2017.

The Honeywell and St Faith's CofE Primary  partnerships have been in place since 2016.

The Christ Church Partnership was set up in 2013.  


The only resources used are the pupil volunteers, and a staff member to manage it. Recruiting enthusiastic, reliable pupils is vital to the success of the project.

This uses one member of teaching staff, for one afternoon per week. There is no financial contribution.


There is no formal assessment of the benefits.  Qualitative data is gathered by teacher visits to each of the sites each half term and regular contact with each school liaison. Teachers comment that pupils enjoy working with older pupils and it is great to have additional support in the classrooms.

Each school is visited every half term.

The anticipated outcomes are that Emanuel pupils provide excellent role models for the younger pupils. They provide extra support to classroom teachers during their weekly visits which enables an opportunity for more progress to be made in lessons.

Pupil Involvement

A mixture of Emanuel boys and girls from the sixth form volunteer in classrooms. They are used in a full range of age groups, year 1 to year 5.


This is an ongoing event, every Wednesday afternoon.