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Film in a week

Pupils from both schools worked together to script, act in, shoot and edit a short film over a 5 day period during their half term.


The aim was for pupils from both schools to learn new skills and to collaborate together on a film project.


This was an activity that was run successfully within the school and after discussion with counterparts at Westminster City it was decided to run this as a joint project


The school's media equipment was used for this project and it was filmed at the school. A budget of approximately £600 was provided to hire extra lenses, buy props and to hire two professional actors for some parts of the shoot.

Two staff from Emanuel were involved for the whole project, with additional support from three other staff at times during the week.


Students learn filmmaking, teamwork and acting skills whilst developing empathy and increased confidence.

The outcome was a short film, produced collaboratively by students from both schools. This film may be submitted for inclusion in an international feature film festival.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils ages ranged from 12 to 18.

18 pupils from Emanuel and 10 from Westminster City


This was one-off project, but could be repeated/adapted.  We would like to include students from other schools in future.