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Spring Festival

Children from Knowle Green Nursery were invited to attend the SPS Spring Festival in April. Pupils in Reception to Year 2 from Staines Prep had learned songs and dances, written poetry and created Easter bonnets as part of the show, hosted at the Staines Prep Peter Roberts Sports Hall. 


To expand links with local schools.

To offer opportunities for pupils to exhibit their work.

To utilise the performance space.

To offer entertainment and information on the topic of 'Spring' to Nursery pupils. 


The SPS Spring Festival has been in the calendar for a number of years, providing pupils with a chance to show off work on Easter or on Mother's Day, offering a focus on the topic of 'Spring'. This year given the performance space available in the new School Sports Hall, the School sought to include others from within the community.  


Performance space in the SPS Sports Hall

Commitment from staff in delivering curriculum and preparing pupils for performance. 

Efforts from parents to support with costumes and Easter bonnets. 


The pupils were provided with an opportunity to showcase their work. Parents were also invited to attend and so were given an insight into the work taking place in the Lower School at Staines Prep. 

Additional anticipated outcomes involve the start of an ongoing partnership with Knowle Green in inviting pupils to similar events in the future

Pupil Involvement

SPS Pupils from Reception to Year 2