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Spelthorne Remembers

In Partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council, Staines Prep hosted 300 local school children following on from The Mayor Of Spelthorne's Spelthorne Remembers service commemorating 100 Years of the end of the war.  Children and staff and the Mayor's guests were invited for a buffet and refreshements.


To forge closer ties with the local community and local schools



SPS work closely with our neighbours at Spelthorne Council and our facilities were offered for refreshments following the service, as well as to be the back up for the service if it had rained.


This event was organised with input by our facilities team, our catering team and support staff.  The event lasted 2 hours.

All costs were met by Staines Prep.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 and 2 School Council members from each year group were involved in this event.

Other schools had representatives from their School Council.


This is a one off event.