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Spelthorne Chess Tournament

SPS chess teacher runs an annual tournament at SPS for children who are schooled in the Borough of Spelthorne.  All children from primary and secondary schools in the Borough of Spelthorne were invited to take part.


To provide a competitive environment for pupils from around the borough of Spelthorne to play chess.

Children who enjoy chess and may not normally have the opportunity to participate in a tournament can do so.



Initiated by Dr Stewart, SPS Chess teacher.  No other tournament in the area offering a similar opportunity.

The tournament has been running for 11 years.


SPS provides a hall and a classroom free of charge for the tournament.

Two members of the support staff provide support for the event.  The caretaker will set up and dismantle the rooms for the competition.  The provides an administrator to organise the paperwork.  Total of approximately 8 hours.

The school covers the cost of all prizes.


The pupils were provided with an opportunity to play chess competitively. 


Pupil Involvement

Several pupils from SPS participate, along with pupils invited from all schools in the Borough of Spelthorne.

There are three age sections in the Championships:

U9, U11 & U15.

Both girls and boys participate.


The tournament is held annually.