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Solving Crime With Science Workshop

Every year Christ's Hospital hosts a 'Solving Crime with Science' workshop for upto 60 pupils from local primary schools. Last year 15 schools took part. Pupils spend the day in our Science department taking part in various experiments and hand-on activites. They complete a workbook throughout the day which leads them to solve the 'crime'. Pupils and visiting parents are all invited to join us for refreshments at the end of the workshop and each pupil receives a certificate of participation.


To share our resources and science facilites with local primary schools allowing pupils to spent the day in our science labs, wearing lab coats, conducting experiments using equipment which they would not have had the opportunity to use before. 

To increase pupils awareness and learning of all things science.


School facilites and equipment, catering, Christ's Hospital teaching and non-teaching staff and Christ's Hospital pupils.


To share our facilites with partner schools allowing pupils to take part in hand on experiments within a lab environment and enrich their learning and knowledge of Science.

Pupil Involvement

6-10 Christ's Hospital pupils who work with the visiting pupils, helping and supporting them where necessary.

60 Year 5 pupils from partner schools.


Annually, ongoing