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Poetry in Translation Workshop with the Stephen Spender Trust

36 year 5 pupils from 10 local primary schools were invited to take part in a Poetry in Translation Workshop hosted by Christ's Hospital and the Stephen Spender Trust. They spent the day looking at poems and experimenting with different languages They also met International renowned Zimbabwean poet Albert Nyathi. Certificates were presented to all pupils taking part and four of them went on to win prizes for their translations in the Stephen Spender 'Polish Spotlight' competition.


To develop an understanding of how language and literature provide a window into other cultures.

To raise the profile of community languages within schools.

To improve creative writing skills


School facilities, catering, teaching and non teching staff, Christ's Hospital pupils, The Stephen Spender Trust and poet Albert Nyathi


Visiting pupils were able to develop and improve their language and creative writing skills throughout the workshop with advice and performances from both the Stephen Spender Trust and poet Albert Nyathi. They were able to learn about many different languages and had practical experience of translating.

Pupil Involvement

36 Year 5 pupils from local schools.

5-10 Christ's Hospital pupils who worked alongside the visiting pupils


One off event, November 2018