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Horsham District Schools Cross Country

Over 300 pupils from the Horsham Distirct take part in a Cross Country competition within the grounds of Christ's Hospital. Prizes are awarded for winners and refreshments are served after the races for all participating pupils and spectators.


To provide the schools within the Horsham District a safe and accessible area to hold this annual event.

To build links with the schools in the Horsham district and enable more children to take part in the event.


School grounds and facilities, catering, Christ's Hospital sports staff and pupils


To give local pupils from the Horsham distric the opportunity to use our grounds and sporting facilities and benefit from taking part in a large cross country competion with over 300 participants.

Pupil Involvement

300 year 5 and 6 pupils from the Horsham District. 5-10 Christ's Hospital pupils who help to marshall the event


Annually, ongoing