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London Maths Challenge

Every year Christ's Hospital hosts a Maths Challenge at the Guildhall in London for 30-35 London Primary Schools. Each school enters teams who take part in various problem solving challenges. Prizes are awarded at the end of the challenge and every pupil gets a certificate of participation to take away. All pupils and visitors also join us for refreshments at the end of the challenge.


To develop problem solving skills and encourage a love of maths. Pupils will also work as a team, developing their communication skills.


The Guildhall, teaching and non teaching Christ's Hospital staff, Christ's Hospital pupils and Douglas Buchannan who runs the challenge.


To give pupils from inner London primary schools the opportunity to spend the morning at the Guildhall developing thie maths skills, enriching their learning and taking part in a fun challenge.

Pupil Involvement

12 Sixth Form Pupils from Christ's Hospital who act as 'markers' for the event.

130-140 Year 5 pupils from London primary schools


Annually, ongoing