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Student volunteering placement at St Vincent's Primary

The College has partnerships with multiple external organisations as part of the Sixth Form work experience and volunteering programme. Every week three of our Senior students spend Wednesday afternoons volunteering at St Vincent's.   


The aims of the programme are first and foremost to facilitate our sixth former engaement within our local community and contributing to the needs of others. the hope is that this also promotes the development of them as young people, in terms of professionalism, people skills and empathy. 


The programme has been established since September 2018 and came about due to the new Principal, Richard Tillett, restructuring the sixth form programme with the belief that volunteering should be an integral part of sixth former's weekly programme.


The main resource is the time taken to establish such a comprehensive range of projects and the need to maintain and monitor the programme. 


We have received feedback from all of our major partners acknowledging the value that our students provide.

Pupil Involvement

3 pupils in the current cohort aged 16-17 years old.