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RS at A-level conference for Year 11 GCSE students

A conference hosted by Dulwich College for SSLP schools to inform about RS A-level and studying RS related university courses.


To promote the subject; encourage pupils  from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds to choose RS A-level and to inform about further education and career opportunities


Initiated by head of RS at Dulwich College as the result of falling numbers studying RS A-level nation-wide and in the borough of Southwark. The idea of running a conference for second year GCSE pupils was suggested to partnership schools in the beginning of the Summer Term 2019. Contributions to a program of A-level taster sessions were requested.


Two members of staff from Queen’s College, Mrs Doro Gumpert and Mrs Emily Halstead, volunteered to teach two A-level taster sessions each. This was essential for success of the conference. It was also the most relevant and thought –provoking part of the evening as far as the pupils were concerned.

Mrs Doro Gumpert and Mrs Emily Halstead volunteered their expertise and time; produced a PowerPoint presentations and interactive workshop as well as worksheets with activities fort their sessions. Worksheets were copied at Queen's College and taken along. Mrs Doro Gumpert and Mrs Emily Halstead, as well as students, were released from commitments in the last two periods of the school day to go to the conference.


Participating pupils were engaged in the interactive taster sessions taught by Queen's College staff. Coming from very different social and religious backgrounds, the groups clearly felt challenged by the topics presented but were nevertheless able to engage in an open-minded and thoughtful discussion.

All 4 taster session run by Mrs Doro Gumpert and Mrs Emily Halstead were well attended by between 10 and 20 pupils. Doro Gumpert’s session was exclusively frequented by students and teachers from state faith schools.

Pupil Involvement

About 100 participants in total; year 11 boys and girls; 12 GCSE students from Queen's College.