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Liaison with Heads of Geography

The new HOD Geography at Copthall School is a fairly inexperienced overseas teacher and wanted help with what made a good department, how to help non specialists and also marking A level essays


The aim was to allow the more experienced staff at Queen’s to pass on that experience to the staff at Copthall and for her to feel more confident in her role.


The partnership was identified by the Headteacher at Copthall School amd we were happy to be involved


The resources were mainly the time of the individuals. At Queen’s a department meeting was used to discuss what made a good Geography department and what we do well. We also looked at how we could support non specialists. This was compiled along with a range of resources about what we do at Queen’s and a meeting held – 90 mins – to discuss the ideas with the two HODs on 27th February.


The impact is largely qualitative. The HOD at Copthall felt more confident and comfortable with her role and we agreed that this could become a regular connection – with next meeting at beginning of the Summer term to look at A level marking


Potentially ongoing – once a term