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Regular 'coffee' mornings for local elderly people and our Nursery children: Cake, chatter and laughter.

Stamford Nursery invite elderly people from our local community to come to our Nursery and share cakes that the children will have made, and enjoy a simple activity together.  There will be no charge and we will provide the invitations for the Evergreen Trust to advertise these events.


To offer an opportunity for local elderly residents who may be lonely to spend regular quality time with our youngest children, to support their wellbeing.

Critical factors for success include a regular number of up to 15 elderly people coming to our 'cake, chatter and laughter' mornings.


We approached the Evergreen Trust and agreed to work together to create a partnership that would work for both the elderly and the Nursery children.



We will use the Nursery dining room and four members of our Nursery staff participate. We will create invitations for the sessions, and the children will make cakes in preparation. Other resources to do simple activities each week such as drawing, painting, clay work are also included.


We will use the Lueven Wellbeing and Involvement scale to measure the impact on the children, and annecdotal feedback from the elderly people who visit.

Pupil Involvement

There will be up to 12 children aged 2-3years old.


On going project during term time - roughly fortnightly.