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Coaching Support to Stamford RUFC

Stamford Junior School has a Level 3 England Rugby Coach and many other Level 1 and 2 coaches. These members of staff are leading an initiative with Stamford RUFC to help develop coaching and to share good practice. Co-coaching sessions and mini-festivals are hosted by the Scool with all Stamford RUFC children invited.



To encourage best practice in coaching and to recruit new children for Stamford RUFC.


The arrival of a new coach at Stamford Junior School has given us access to high-level coaching material and contacts which we are happy to share.


Coaches and pitches from SJS. Post-match teas and refreshments for adults.


Stronger bonds with the Club and more children receiving high-level coaching.

Pupil Involvement

Years 3-6 (7-11 year olds) initially.