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Primary School Writing Retreat

Despite the lockdown, we wanted to engage children from local Primary schools in exciting literary opportunities.

We set up an exciting "Return to Neverland" writing workshop, accessed via Teams and involving best selling novellst Damaris Young (The Switching Hour)


To engage children form local Primary Schools in exciting literary opportunities.

We had 138 childre


Following on from our hugely successful Writing Retreat last year, there were requests from participating schools for a follow up session, lockdown prevented face to face participation, so we devised a virtual event.


The morning was run via a teams link. Boxes of resources were sent out to all participating in advance of the event (including chocolate pirates, letters from Captain Hook, pencils and maps of Neverland.)

Teams links and further instructions were sent out the day before and the pupils logged on and too part from home.


138 children from 16 local schools attended a thrilling morning with writing challenges, face to face interaction with renowned best-selling author Damaris Young.


Pupil Involvement

Year 5 and 6 pupils were nominated by their schools to take part.

16 schools took part - all state sector except one.