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Food Bank Donations - Supporting the local community

Wellington School has invited the school community to donate to a Chapel Food Bank Appeal to help the local community.

With many local families struggling with financial difficulties and uncertainty as a result of the pandemic and, with Christmas approaching, we are very keen to help.


A fund called Chapel Food Fund has been set up ande have appealed for non-perishables (tinned food, pasta etc.), toiletries (nappies especially) and good condition second-hand or new toys. We have publicised our appeal throughout the school community and have already had a very positive response.  Donations will be sent to the Community Council for Somerset, and we are also taking cash donations. We have also committed to supporting Potters Butchers by raising funds for the Christmas hampers Tim and his team are putting together 

Wellington School is proud to join with Potters Butchers, the Community Council for Somerset and Parents and Families Support Workers in supporting our community celebrate Christmas. We will do everything possible to lend a hand of kindness wherever we can.



There are many families currently in crisis and having to use the foodbank in Wellington.  A parent works for the Community Council for Somerset agency which is helping distribute food to those in need as a consequence of the pandemic.   They have distributed 130,000 food deliveries.   She also saw a lady this week who had 2p left for the month with 4 children. She had not eaten so she could feed her family.  Families are also struggling to buy hygiene products as well as food.


Tim Potter, our local butcher has been doing a campaign called Potters Pounds funded by customer donations and has given out £20k in food boxes but his funds are now low. 

 These boxes consist of Potters meat, tins of food and ready meals and fresh produce donated from local allotments.


The Wellington School community is very strong but also a very privileged one and it seemed completely wrong while others cannot feed themselves.  Tim Potter is now a beacon of the local community and Wellington School, as one of Wellington’s largest employers,will follow his lead.


The CCS need funds and food donations.  Funds would go directly to the Community Council for Somerset (CCS) and the Parents and Families Support Workers (PFSA) to help those families in difficulties. 

Many of us are also clearing out old toys ready for Christmas.  The CCS also appreciate any toy donations old (only good condition) and new which can be distributed to these families.




The whole community has been alerted via direct requests and is widely publicised on all our social media channels.

Our Chaplain, Reverend Clifton has driven this and it is a whole school initiative, with donations flooding into both the Prep and the Senior School. The Chapel is piled high with goods.


All these donations will be distributed to the needy of Wellington via the Community Council for Somerset and the partner Potters the butcher.

In addition, cash donations will be collected and distributed appropriately.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils across the school are involved, as well as all staff, families, alumni and friends


This will be run for the last 2 weeks of November and in the run up to Christmas.