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PE support and provision

Once a week the Head of Games in the Prep School teaches PE to the Reception Class at Princecroft and also a Year 6 group for hockey.


The main aim is for Warminster School to offer teaching specialists in the local community. Princecroft is situated next door to Warminster School so is a great choice for our programme.

The main need is for Warminster School to work within the local community.

The critical factor for success is good communication between both schools.

Pupils at Princecroft School are the immediate beneficiaries.


The Head of PE at Warminster Prep School met with all teachers at a meeting of Primary School PE co-ordinators.

Festivals and coaching was initially offered by Warminster School


Most teaching takes place at Princecroft School

They have bought certain pieces of equipment recommended by the Head of PE at Warminster School

A weekly lesson takes place and there is no financial contribution


Assessment is completed by Princecroft School staff.



This takes place on a weekly basis for 1 hour and it will, hopefully, continue throughout this academic year.