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Afterschool Spanish club - Minster Primary School

Each week one of our Spanish grads and a pupil go to the Minster school and run a Spanish club. This has allowed the Minster school to offer a different club to their pupils. It is proving very popular 


Our aim is to build a lasting partnership with the Minster School which is beneficial to both schools and pupils. 


This forms part of our weekly community programme and we plan for this to continue for many years to come. 


This club is run by one of our teachers and is supported by our pupils.

We help with resources when needed and give our time for free 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are from year 11,12 & 13.

They help plan and then action their ideas within the afterschool clus 


Weekly for 1 hour.

This is on going partnerships, which we plan to last for many years