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Maths & Science enrichment classes held at Colfe’s School

Colfe’s offers a number of options to local state school pupils keen to supplement their Maths and Science studies. Around 20 pupils currently attend classes which include:

  • Maths: Four sessions for Year Year 10 in the Spring term
  • Science: Two sessions in each Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) for Year 10 in the Advent term.

The aim of these classes is to:

  • Enrich and enthuse pupils rather than just supplement their studies 
  • Stretch the most able pupils at state schools and provide them with a genuine enrichment opportunity 
  • Give an insight into A Level style lessons to pupils at schools whch do not have a 6th form.
  • Provide pupils with a feel of what it is like to study at Colfe’s and where applicable, offer guidance on our sixth form scholarship programme