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Latin enrichment course held at Colfe’s School

Held on Thursday afternoons, Colfe’s facilitates the learning of Latin to pupils in Year 9-11 from a range of state schools that do not offer Latin. 

Students are invited to attend the first few weeks as a taster. If they decide to continue they will study for two years – one hour per week after school – here at Colfe’s and take the WJEC Latin certificate at the end of the two years.

The aims of this course are to:

  • Promote Classics to pupils who have not got the opportunity to study it at their own schools
  • Assist with English Language and MFL skills
  • Stretch the most able GCSE pupils at state schools and provide them with a genuine enrichment opportunity 
  • Provide pupils with a feel of what it is like to study at Colfe’s and offer guidance on our sixth form scholarship programme

The vast majority of pupils who continue for the whole course gain A/A* grades.