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Joint School Trips


Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) and Hampton School pupils work with local special needs primary schools Marjory Kinnon and Clarendon. We organise an annual trip with 40-50 pupils from each school and over the years have had successful visits to Bocketts Farm, London Zoo or Kew Gardens, and this year pupils enjoyed their days at Legoland and the Look-Out Centre in Bracknell.  On these days out, sixth formers from LEH and Hampton are paired up with individuals or small groups of pupils from Clarendon or Marjory Kinnon to accompany them on the coach and on rides and activities.  The younger pupils really enjoy spending the day with the older teenagers and getting to know their “buddy”.  As part of our fundraising events, we also send a cheque for £200 every December to Marjorie Kinnon School.  This is a 20-year old tradition of sending a cheque from the Year 7 pupils to buy Christmas presents for a different class each year, and continuing our special relationship with the school.