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Mrs Heather Hanbury (Head Mistress)

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926 pupils

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Write the Girl


  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Hampton High
  • Performing arts and music
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Drama Collaboration


  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Bedfont Primary School, Bedfont, London
  • Performing arts and music
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ISSP Languages Day


  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Orleans Park School, Twickenham
  • Academic
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Joint School Trips


  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Marjory Kinnon School, Bedfont, Feltham
  • Student well-being
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Impact of partnership work done in 2018 (ISC annual Census 2019)

  • 22 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 250 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Impact Statements

Collaboration with Reach Academy

This year we have worked on developing further our relationship with Reach Academy. The following is from the Principal of Reach.

‘We have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration which is emerging with LEH. The partnership has been strengthened by a member of SMT at LEH, joining the school's Governing Body where she has brought great insight and experience around all aspects of the running of the school. We were fortunate to benefit from a member of the Science team, spending time regularly at Reach and his insight into excellence in A-level Physics and how to access top grades was very extremely helpful. This focus on excellence at A-level also led to us sending middle leaders to observe 6th Form teaching at LEH and discuss their schemes of work with their counterparts, which again had significant impact. We look forward to the partnership continuing to develop in the coming years.’

Serious Fun on a Saturday

Forty-two Year Five children from local state Primary Schools attend our Serious Fun on Saturdays programme which runs from November to March. The programme is run by staff and pupil volunteers and is designed to inculcate a love of learning, raise confidence and improve literacy. This year we have extended the number of state schools invited by a further three taking the number of schools participating to thirteen. We have received excellent feedback so far this year and particularly from parents and staff from the new schools involved.

‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you for having our Year 5 girls on the LEH Shine programme that runs on Saturdays.
The four of them absolutely LOVE going and always come to me on a Monday morning and tell me about all of the wonderful activities they have done! Not only has it bonded them more as close friends, one of them in particular is quite new to us at Reach and it has given her a real confidence boost to meet and chat to other girls her age.’

This was also from a parent:

‘She is enjoying Shine thank you for giving her the opportunity as well I am sure she will be a better person at the end of the sessions.’

Brass Day

During the year, the School organised a brass workshop and recording day which included pupils from partnership schools and 10 top professional brass players. This culminated in a superb recording of a world premiere of “Changing Times”, which was written especially for the occasion. The feedback below came from one pupil who attended.

‘I was lucky enough to be invited by LEH to take part in a workshop and a recording of a brand new piece called Changing Times for Brass Group which had been commissioned in 2018. I came to LEH in the Easter Holidays, where there were professionals from all the top London orchestras who coached us on the work. We then recorded it with a professional recording engineer. It was an inspirational and mind-blowing day which I will never forget. I can’t really believe the standards we achieved through brilliant coaching – and we had a lot of fun too! I was then invited back to the LEH Summer Concert where we gave the world premiere of the piece in the presence of the composer.’

Drama at Bedfont School

During the run of our recent school play ‘Boudica’, members of the cast visited Bedfont Primary School. The feedback below comes from a Year 4 teacher.

"We were delighted that LEH was willing and able to showcase some of the wonderful acting abilities and ornate, authentic costumes from the Royal Shakespeare Company further to their recent production of Boudica, to our pupils on December 4th. A number of the cast were brought to Bedfont Primary School in north Feltham, to be subjected to a 'gruelling' Question and Answer session 'in character', by ninety, eager and excited year 4 pupils, before re-enacting several fight scenes that had been expertly choreographed as part of casts' rehearsals. Particular mention must go to the actor playing the character of the Roman General, who displayed true leadership and ferocity in the fight scenes and the Roman Procurator who was suitably aloof to such barbaric activities of the Iceni Tribe! It is fair to say that it is unlikely that our pupils would get such an opportunity to see, touch and experience the quality of the costumes and acting, without this collaborative exercise between the two schools. This immersion, triggered imagination and enthusiasm in their creative writing and History topic subject on 'The Romans in Britain', resulting in far greater descriptive, empathetic work and assisting the pupils to broaden their horizons and historical perspective. It was a true highlight of our Autumn term and a wonderful way to end 2018 and we hope to investigate further ways we can enhance our pupils learning with the kind assistance of the pupils and staff of LEH in 2019!"


Pupils from Year 10 and above have the opportunity to volunteer in local primary and secondary schools. Feedback below comes from Clarendon School.

‘Our LEH volunteers quickly learnt the lunch time routines and school rules so they could become great play partners for our pupils during the outside lunch play sessions. It is lovely for our pupils to have good teenage role models who are willing to climb on the play equipment, kick a ball or push a trike! We have pupils with a range of speech, language and communication needs so the volunteers have been learning Makaton signs to aid their communication. We are always very pleased to see our volunteers.’


LEH offers Scholarships and Exhibitions for pupils hoping to enter the School at the ages of entry of 11+ and 16+. There are no Scholarships awarded for entry into the Junior School. The number and size of awards in any particular year are at the discretion of the Head Mistress. A Scholarship or Exhibition is a recognition of exceptional ability and promise. It is possible to apply for a means-tested bursary alongside a scholarship award.

The bestowal of any award carries with it privilege and responsibility. Every award holder is expected to set an example to other pupils in their approach to life at school and their area of specialism in particular. Awards at 11+ and 16+ are reviewed annually. The review will consider the progress of award holders in their chosen field of expertise and whether the holder continues enthusiastically to fulfil the obligations associated with the award.

Making LEH Affordable

Understanding that an investment in an LEH education will have a transformative impact on a pupil's future, LEH is committed to building a community of talented, intellectually curious and passionate students from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Often, low and middle-income families feel that an independent school is financially beyond their reach. Our aim is to help families afford the LEH experience by offering applicants a financial award that makes tuition affordable, alongside a stipend for uniform, books and supplies, an iPad, and school trips.

  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Science/Technology scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sibling discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils

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