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ISSP Languages Day

LEH is a member of the Hampton ISSP, working with Hampton School, Hampton Academy, Orleans Park School, Tolworth Girls School, Hollyfield School, and Teddington School on a varied programme of partnership activities. The ISSP Languages  day hosted by LEH was an opportunity for Year 8 pupils from the partnership schools to work on a variety of languages in mixed groups.




The purpose of the languages day is to challenge the pupils, introducing them to exciting and inspirational lessons beyond the curriculum that will motivate them still further in their chosen fields.







Pupils will experience a carousel of sessions in the morning covering French, German, Italian and Spanish activities lead by members of the teaching staff and language assistants. They  have the opportunity to watch a foreign language film in the afternoon. Lunch is provided at Lady Eleanor Holles school free of charge.


Positve feedback from parents and excellent engagement from all participating pupils.

Pupil Involvement

The day is offered to eight Year 8 pupils from each of the participating schools.


Annual Event