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Volunteering day

This day is run post exams and is a highlight of the school calendar with a variety of activities including:

  • Participating in educational workshops and projects with a homeless charity.
  • “Cooking for the Community” schemes, whereby pupils cook, package and deliver healthy meal parcels local shelters.
  • Connecting with refugee and asylum seekers through interactive cooking workshops.
  • Running a themed arts and crafts session for goods to be delivered to a local shelter with the theme 'making your house a home'.


To introduce our students to a variety of social issues within our local community. Through education, our students are empowered with knowledge and gain valuable lessons in giving up their time to help someone else.


 ‘I believe developing our students’ holistically is vital and having them engaged as young members in our  community instils strong character values while encouraging learning about the joys of giving up of their time in an act of kindness and service to others.’

Head of Charities and Community Links.

 ‘The pupils know the essence of what it means to be a Belmontian, the Belmont values: being kind, trying your best and embracing challenge. Kindness is the most important of all these qualities. I would like our school to build on these community links and for Belmont to be known as a kind school with a social conscience without our community’

Head of Belmont Mill Hill Prep School, Mr Leon Roberts.


Teacher assistance.

School cooking facilties utilised.


Students will be gain an understanding of the 'real world' by volunteering for a variety of projects within the local community.

Pupil Involvement

Year 8, ages 12-13


Annual event