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The 'Social Skills' program sees our students take part in workshops and engage with guest speakers from the community about elderly isolation. 


The students organise a variety of activities with a local nursing home, including bingo games, reading sessions and baking for local nursing home residents. Students also consider 'seasonal' themed visits for Christmas and Easter. 

'I believe developing our students' holistically is vital and having them engaged as young members in our  community instils strong character values while encouraging learning about the joys of giving up of their time in an act of kindness and service to others.’

Head of Charities and Community Links


Upper School initiatives are embedded in the curriculum to introduce our students to a variety of social issues within our community. Through education and practical session delivered over a term, our students are empowered with knowledge and gain valuable lessons in giving up their time for others.


Students use the kitchen cooking facilities. 

Pupil Involvement

Every child in Year 6 takes part in the rotation learning about relationships and communication and elderly isolation. 


Students take part in 6 week rotations.