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Community Committee

 Community committee 


The three most important qualities expected of all Belmontians are to: be kind, try your best and embrace challenge. Students are encouraged to look at the world around them and always be thinking of what they could do to help another. 

The community committee was started as a way for students and staff to work together towards a common goal; being kind and contributing to our community. This has ranged from local community projects in Barnet to taking part in large-scale national events. 

The students on this committee are responsible for engaging with the School Council and taking ideas from pupils on which charities or events they would like to support. 


The group has previously worked on:

-Gathering information on local charities

-Fundraising efforts for local charities such as HAB Centre with food donations 

-Clothes donations

-Art an craft for local shelters  


‘I believe developing our students’ holistically is vital and having them engaged as young members in our  community instils strong character values while encouraging learning about the joys of giving up of their time in an act of kindness and service to others.’

Head of Charities and Community Links


The committee plan and implement all action on site in classrooms or kitchens unless they are undertaking a local visit. These visits may include the HAB centre or a local nursing home. 


Students gain and understanding of the world around them. It is through this committee that they are given the tools and opportunities to appreciate the impact they can have as individuals, while working on local and national scale initiatives. 

Pupil Involvement

All students from Years 6, 7 and 8 are welome to join the committee. The committee is encouraged to engage with Lower School about their ideas and to take these ideas of pupils and staff to the School Council. 


The committee meet weekly to discuss ideas and plan for upcoming trips or events.