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Copthall School

Copthall School is an 11-18 all-girls’ converter academy close to us in Mill Hill. We have a partnership founded on shared activities for pupils such as society meetings and sports matches as well as mutual staff CPD from which both sides are learning. Belmont and Copthall are collaborating on exciting workshops and sharing resources for the benefit of staff and pupils. The English, Games, Art and History departments are working in collaboration with Copthall School to develop engaging learning experiences for students while also providing opportunities for teacher development. 


The aspiration is that the communities of both Mill Hill and Copthall share the benefits of educational partnerships between MHSF and Copthall. The partnership aims to provide opportunities for pupils and for staff to develop: 

• Improved academic results for pupils

• An enriched educational experience beyond the curriculum for pupils

• Professional development opportunities for pupils and staff (preparation for university and employment beyond for pupils, and continuing professional development for staff)

• Personal skills development (sometimes referred to as character education)

• Opportunity for engagement with a community larger than that contained in the school’s own walls


Copthall received an OFSTED inspection in Spring 2016 that placed it in ‘Requires Improvement’. Since that determination, a new Head began in mid-2016 and the Governing Board was substantially renewed, including the Mill Hill School Senior Deputy Head becoming a Governor and taking up the Chair of the Education Standards Committee. Through this link, the MHSF have quickly built a partnership which is now underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding.

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 and 8 girls take part in the workshops and/or lessons while benefitting from staff CPD offered by both schools. 


This is an ongoing initiative.