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Volunteering at Battledown Centre for Children and Families

Students from Cheltenham Ladies' College go to the Battledown School to assist the teaching staff and interact personally with the children, allowing them specialised support in reading, writing and other academic areas. Our girls work with the younger children, aged from two to six years old, and have the opportunity to observe the pupil's progress and help direct their learning.


The aim of this partnership is to assist the staff of Battledown to continue their work of supporting young children with learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral difficulties in a caring environment. Our students are all dedicated to helping the pupils of Battledown and we believe that this is a productive partnership.

Pupil Involvement

Our Sixth Form students, aged between sixteen and eighteen, are involved in this opportunity.


Girls volunteer on a weekly basis and thus they are able to build strong relationships with the children in their care and help each child with their own particular challenges.