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Volunteering at Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation Primary Schools

Approximately 25 students visit Gardners Lane and Oakwood Primary Schools on a weekly basis for an hour a week during lunchtimes to assist with lessons and activities. Students are encouraged to develop projects and teach areas that they specialise in such as languages, maths, sciences, drama or cultural activities. A CLC teacher also volunteers and teaches English for an afternoon a week at Gardners Lane. We also volunteer at a number of other local primary schools taking the total number of students who visit primary schools on a weekly basis to 75.


The aims of the project are to provide mutually beneficial outcomes to both the primary schools and CLC. Students volunteer their time and skills to support learning in the primary skills whilst they develop their own skills and learning. Students are provided with an induction beforehand and are encouraged to reflect on their experiences. A CLC teacher also volunteers for one afternoon a week to teach English at Gardners Lane Primary School.



The project came about as a result of teacher from CLC who was also on the board of governors of Gardners Lane. The partnership was set up approximately a decade ago.


A team of teaching and non-teaching staff coordinate the activity. One member of staff volunteers at Gardners Lane teaching English on Tuesday afternoons. There is also an annual bursary scheme for a Gardners Lane student coming to CLC.


Students are given an induction morning and training throughout the programme and are then encouraged to reflect on their experiences and learning outcomes so that student voice is listened to. The primary schools are asked for feedback on a termly basis.

Pupil Involvement

Girls aged 16-18 volunteer at Gardners Lane or Oakwood once a week at lunchtimes during the academic year.


This is a long term project which is sustainable.