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Volunteering at Astell House

Astell House has over thirty residents, many of whom suffer from dementia or other degenerative illnesses, and the centre aims to provide them with respite care while still remaining engaged with the community; an aim which the CLC partnership fulfills as our students go to chat to and interact with the residents of Astell House as a tangible connection to younger generations and the Cheltenham community.


Astell House has had a long connection to College, as indeed it was commissioned by Lilian Faithfull when she was principal, as a boarding house for the teachers of Cheltenham Ladies' College before becoming a care home for the elderly. The current volunteering partnership was established more recently. 


Pupil Involvement

Girls from the Sixth Form volunteer at Astell House, and they are aged from sitxeen to eighteen years old


Students attend weekly for an hour and many girls continue this volunteering for terms at a time