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Theatre Tech Support Partnership

Headington Tech support staff are providing technical support for The Cherwell School's Summer 2019 musical.  Pupils from Headington's Theatre Tech club and The Cherwell School will assist Headington staff, and will also provide support for Headington's Summer 2019 musical.


To ensure that The Cherwell School and Headington School have appropriate tech support for Theatre shows, and to develop technical skills in pupils from both schools.


Exisiting links between the school's performing arts departments.


Facilities at both The Cherwell School and Headington School will be used.  The music technician from Headington will work on rehearsals and performances from both shows, using Headington School equipment such as lighting, sound desks etc.


Impact will be assessed after the shows in Summer 2019.

Pupil Involvement

Three senior pupils from each school are involved in the partnership.


If the impact evaluation is positive it is expected that support of this nature will be provided on an on-going basis, with closer links between the two school's Theatre Tech clubs and pupils.