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National Mathematics and Physics SCITT (NMAPS)

The National Mathematics and Physics SCITT (NMAPS) offers unparalleled and high quality teacher training, led by Mathematics and Physics experts from the best schools nationally in a unique collaboration between the state and independent sectors, and in partnership with subject associations such as The Mathematical Association.


By training high quality teachers of Mathematics and Physics it will, over time, raise the standard of teaching, and student outcomes, in Mathematics and Physics nationally.


There is a shortage of high quality Mathematics and Physics graduates working in teaching, and NMAPS aims to address this.


NMAPS represents a partnership between the state and independent sectors offering a wealth of experience and tremendous opportunities to train to teach in a wide range of contexts.


Headington School leads the Physics training for the Central Hub and will be offering training places for Physics graduates in 2018/19.


Whilst candidates are beneficiaries of generous DfE bursaries, school facilities and expertise are key to the delivery of a successful programme.  

Headington will be hosting the Physics candidates for one day every fortnight, during which training and lesson observations will take place.  A member of staff at Headington is given timetable allowance to coordinate the training, and a range of teaching and non-teaching staff are involved in supporting the candidates.  

Headington will also host the annual one-week residential training session for all NMAPS candidates from across the country.  This will use Headington facilities and will take place in August 2018.


Successful candidates will take up teaching positions in the maintained or independent sector.  The number of new teachers in full time time posts in September 2019 will be a measure of success.


Qualitative feedback on the quality and impact and training will be sought by Headington staff throughout the first year of delivery.

Pupil Involvement

Candidates will be involved in observing, assisting in and teaching of lessons at Headington School.


This is an on-going partnership that runs throughout the academic year.