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Music Teaching for Years 1 & 2

Our Prep School Head of Music delivers weekly music lessons to Year 1 pupils at St Andrew’s CE Primary.  Additionally, our Prep Head of Music has led weekly sessions with the KS1 choir, and has also taken the KS1 choir to perform in a local nursing home, on a trip that would not otherwise have taken place.  

St Andrew’s CE Primary are aiming for the Arts Mark award, and the work carried out by our Prep Head of Music is proving crucial in helping the school achieve this aim.



To develop the confidence of the Year 1 teacher, and to provide high quality music provision throughout the year for Year 1 pupils and those involved in the KS1 choir.


The project came about through existing relationships between Headington Prep and St Andrew's.


Amy Evetts, Head of Music at Headington Prep School, is allocated a 2 period per week timetable remission to deliver these lessons.  


The anticipated outcome is for there to be a good community of music teachers in Oxford who know each other and can share ideas.

Amy Evetts wants to inspire teachers and share her ideas and love of music so teachers feel empowered to teach and share their love of music in their own schools.

Amy Evetts sends out questionnaires to each attendee to gain feedback. Results are saved and used to inform future planning.

During 2018 these sessions were attended by teachers from ten local primary schools, and attendees have provided feedback that describes the sessions as ‘incredibly useful’ and ‘very accessible’.  Attendees have reported increased confidence and are implementing new teaching strategies and schemes of work in their schools.


Pupil Involvement

All Year 1 pupils from St Andrew's are involved on a weekly basis, and around 30 KS1 pupils are involved in the choir sessions.


Weekly and on-going.