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Mental Health First Aid Training

Staff from partner schools are invited to attend two-day Mental Health First Aid training alongside Headington staff. Courses are delivered by Headington staff and places for partner schools are offered free of charge.


Mental Health First Aid training is increasingly important for staff in both Primary and Secondary education.  It is hoped that by offering free places to partner schools the quality of Mental Health First Aid training among local teachers will increase, with direct benefits for young people in Oxford.


Headington has on-going partnership activity with both partner schools.  Headington staff have recently been trained to deliver MHFA courses in house, and the first shared training session will take place in June 2019.


Headington staff are trained to deliver the course.  The course will be delivered in Headington facilities and will last for two days.  It is expected that courses will run at regular intervals throughout the year.  Places on this course are normally valued at £300 per person.


For the first course, one member of staff from St Andrew's CofE Primary will attend, and three members of staff from Cheney School will attend.  

Pupil Involvement



On-going.  Regular courses are planned throughout the year.