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The Big Sing Soul

The Big Sing Soul, was a concert for parents and the community to enjoy the choir of Chad Vale pupils who had taken part in Chad Vale Schools Big Sing project since December of 2018.


Edgbaston High School supported Chad Vale Primary School and this musical charity group by providing the venue and event management for the evening for over 450 event attendees.



Chad Vale School approached EHS about EHS supporting/sponsorsing the venue.


EHS provided all the event managment and the school facilities for the evening.


Enjoyment for pupils and parents.

Good community link

Ability for Chad Vale Primary School  to have a concert space.

Pupil Involvement

Chad Vale Big Sing Choir was made up of Year 2,3,4,5 and Year 6 pupils. Girls and Boys were both in the choir.


Hopefully this will be the start of an established venue sponsorship for Chad Vale Primary School by EHS.