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Bournville BookFest

Bournville BookFest is one of the biggest children's book festivals in the UK and Birmingham's only dedicated book festival for 0 -12 year olds. Edgbaston High School were a Silver sponsor of the event and also provided the venue for two of the workshops over the course of the festival. The events hosted at EHS attracted over 800 state school pupils.


The aims were to support a local festival that has gained National recognition for its aims and ethos.

The events held at EHS attracted and enabled over 800 state school pupils to access the festival.


Edgbaston High School were approaced by BookFest Director to take part, host and sponsor the festival and we were delighted to support the events.

This will hopefully be the start of the long partnership with the festival.


Edgbaston High School provided the use of all facilities free of charge.

Edgbaston High School provided the support of our Marketing Director and Senior Teacher, Co-curricular.


Highly successful partnership establised.

Pupil Involvement

Former poet laureate Michael Rosen ran one of the workshops hosted by EHS on Wednesday 21st March, 2018. This session saw EHS host over 800 state school pupils, boys and girls, aged, 7-10 and 45 EHS Year 5 pupils.

Inspiring author Kate Pankhurst ran her workshop based on her books on the topic "Famous Women of out time", this event on Sunday 25th March, again was enomously popular with local Birmingham families. 


We hope this partnership will develop even further over the next few years.